The OTB Company is a creative agency within the live entertainment, experiences and events realm. We are an artistic company, with a sometimes unorthodox approach to fulfilling our partner’s dreams.



“Outside the Box” is a term often thrown around when teams are striving for new, innovative and creative ideas. So much so that sometimes the very phrase waters down the creative process. We strive to inspire and deliver truly Outside the Box creativity to every collaboration we touch. We are creative outsiders.

Why OTB? The “box” is the confines, boundaries or limits that our partners and collaborators perceive they have to deliver within. Budgets, organizational policy, past experience and external factors influence the size and shape of the box. We at OTB live outside the box that you might find yourself in. As outsiders, we approach the creative process unconstrained and our starting point begins where our partners feel unfamiliar. Together we collaborate, generate and find the axis where imagination and reality collide with a final result that is Outside the Box.

As creative outsiders we have participated in projects and boardrooms as the loud, imaginative minds, challenging what can be achieved. We have developed the strategic thinking and leadership to navigate successfully as outsiders. Our proudest moments are when we have led a team to achieve a creative result they may have doubted possible, or simply couldn’t imagine on their own.

We are consultants, producers, fabricators, artists and leaders delivering rich and compelling visual content, performance and displays. Invite us in so we can bring you Outside the Box.


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Their strengths lie in the little details, creative energies, hitting deadlines, and delivering quality end products.
— Krista Scherpenzeel, Projects & Event Manager, WRLA Inc.
They went above and beyond my expectations in terms of creativity & execution.
— W. Brett Wilson, Dragon Emeritus, Celebrated Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Thank-you very much for all of the work that you did and the time that you spent helping to make Fall Funtasia such a success. The decor was stunning and added to the whole ambience of the event.
— Jan Haggeman, Fundraising Foothills Academy
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The Award Winning Peanut Butter Cupboard.

A story about creative ingredients...

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